Paleo Prep Series: Paleo Grocery…


-First let me apologize about the fluctuating volume. Still learning how to work with the audio.
-SweetPumpkin Seeds:
1 Tsp coconut oil
1 Tsp honey
1 Tsp coconut sugar
Dash and a half of cinnamon (lol what does that even mean?)
clean seeds
combine and mix all ingredients
heat mixture
mix in seeds
place on parchment paper
oven 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15-20 min

-As my mom always said “Be your own sous chef” As long as you take a couple of hours our of your weekend to cut and semi prep your food making a dish should be a breeze.
-Truthfully speaking I look forward to this because it really is cathartic. I take this time to plan out my week, think of new recipes or even do something as mindless as watch tv or listen to music and dance. (thats right I don’t only dance on the videos.)

-Paleo Prep Series:(videos)
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