Strawberry Nutella Crepes Farmstyle


If you’re just here for the recipe, then just follow the recipe at the bottom of this description. Hope they turn out well and enjoy!

If you happen to be craving something sweet, this will no doubt help you out. If you’re craving sugar but you’re on a diet, you can get away by eating this before a resistance workout (not cardio). The amount of sugar in this crepe will help you out during your lift session.

The science behind the sugar will come in a later video so make sure to subscribe!

Here is the recipe. I think it makes around 10 crepes.

2 eggs
2 egg yolks
4 oz water
6 oz milk
2 oz sugar
4.5 oz flour
1.5 oz butter
pinch of salt

Whisk everything in a bowl, coat a pan with butter, and when hot, ladle in a thin crepe.

-Primal Aesthetics

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